So many exciting things are manifesting here at the Perception Factory. As always the focus is upon contributing to the expansion of human consciousness. Below are a few points of interest… Check them out!

Michael will be presenting an exhibit/concert in the Cube in the Moss Art Center at Virginia Tech on Friday, October the 14th. The event is titled “Imagined Realities” and is based upon the notion that we are creating the realities we are experiencing. It will consist of:

  • An exhibit of 10 new 60″ x 48″ oil paintings completed this summer
  • 3 fixed media (music only) compositions
  • 3 Visual Music animated compositions

The oil paintings will be on exhibit throughout the entire day in the lobby of the Cube. The music will be diffused over the ~150 speakers in the Cube creating an awesome 3d musical environment. The visual work will be projected upon the 360 cylindrical “Cyclorama”, which was just install this past summer. This will be its inaugural concert! Here is the Concert Flyer.

Three newly released Visual Music pieces are now available for viewing. Here are low-res versions that can be seen and heard. The DVD and Blu-ray titled Three Portals are available for purchase here.

Michael’s Visual Music composition “Reflections and Refractions” was presented at the 2016 New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival. The concert was presented in the Playhouse at the Abrams Art Center on Saturday June the 18th at 8:30 PM.

ICSC 2015, the International Csound Conference, took place in St. Petersburg, Russia on October 2 – 4. Michael’s “Sidereal Sonata” was presented on an 8.1 sound system.

Michael’s latest CD/DVD project, Formlessly Evolving Ambient Openings, was recently released on the Perception Factory label. It is available for purchase as a CD, 4.1 DVD or 4.1 Blu-ray disc here. You can also listen to MP3s of each composition, as well as find out more about the project in general, here.


Michael Rhoades is a multi-oriented artist. This web site functions as a central repository for his vast repertoire in the form of representations of most of his work. From photographs of his vibrant oil paintings to mp3 versions of his multi-channel hi-res musical compositions you will find much here to delve into if you so choose.

Working with diverse mediums ranging from archaic Oil Painting with pallet knives and canvas to futuristic Computer Generated Music, he is ever expressing that which defies common logic… the spirit within. His hope is that his work will awaken the often dormant creator within each of those who experience it. He feels that the joy of creating is something to be shared and that it can be experienced by everyone. Certainly, it is the journey and not the destination that has the most profound impact in one’s life.

As you will see by following the links above, Michael is a prolific artist/composer/theorist. What you may not see is that he is constantly working and often on several projects in several different mediums concurrently. He has endeavored for many years to develop a state of mind that is conducive to deliberate creativity, which has developed to the point that he is constantly overflowing with concepts for projects. As you might expect this can be overwhelming at times. The only answer he has found to this beautiful┬ádilemma is to work on as many of them as is possible while he is able. Sleep is something to do when the work is done… in the twilight years.

So enjoy exploring Michael’s perception factory and all it contains. If any questions, comments or observations occur to you please feel free to contact him. Every perspective is appreciated, respected and loved.

Thank you for visiting.

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