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Michael’s latest CD/DVD project, Echoes and Reflections, has just been released on the Perception Factory label. It is available for purchase as a CD, 4.1 DVD or 4.1 Blu-ray disc here. You can also listen to MP3s of each composition, as well as find out more about the project in general, here.

Michael was in New York City from June the 5th through the 8th for the NYCEMF. On Saturday, the 7th, his “Immersion” was presented in concert at 1:30pm and again at 10:30pm in the Abrons Experimental Theater. The original 4.1 channel version was diffused over a 3D, 16.1 channel, sound system!!

Csound International Conference - Michael’s work was presented on several levels at the International Csound Conference, which was held October 25, 26, 27 at Berklee College of Music in Boston.
–  His composition “Immersion” was presented in a concert.
–  The Horizontal Blue installation was setup there.
–  Michael also gave a 45 minute presentation on the processes involved in a recent project Hadronized Spectra (the LHC Sonifications).
It was a fantastic conference! View the Conference Schedule or visit the Conference Website for more information.

The Sights and Sounds of Numbers, held at the Three Rivers Festival July 18th, received some great press. Go here to see the newspaper article and video interview.


Michael Rhoades is a multi-oriented artist. This web site functions as a central repository for his vast repertoire in the form of representations of most of his work. From photographs of his vibrant oil paintings to mp3 versions of his multi-channel hi-res musical compositions you will find much here to delve into if you so choose.

Working with diverse mediums ranging from archaic Oil Painting with pallet knives and canvas to futuristic Computer Generated Music, he is ever expressing that which defies common logic… the spirit within. His hope is that his work will awaken the often dormant creator within each of those who experience it. He feels that the joy of creating is something to be shared and that it can be experienced by everyone. Certainly, it is the journey and not the destination that has the most profound impact in one’s life.

As you will see by following the links above, Michael is a prolific artist/composer/theorist. What you may not see is that he is constantly working and often on several projects in several different mediums concurrently. He has endeavored for many years to develop a state of mind that is conducive to deliberate creativity, which has developed to the point that he is constantly overflowing with concepts for projects. As you might expect this can be overwhelming at times. The only answer he has found to this beautiful dilemma is to work on as many of them as is possible while he is able. Sleep is something to do when the work is done… in the twilight years.

So enjoy exploring Michael’s perception factory and all it contains. If any questions, comments or observations occur to you please feel free to contact him. Every perspective is appreciated, respected and loved.

Thank you for visiting.


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