Computer Music

Michael’s music is intended to be “Cinema for the Ear”. To explain, for centuries the primary way for people to experience actors performing was to go to the theater and watch a play. The musical parallel to this was watching a live performance. This could have ranged from minstrels in the street to a symphony orchestra on a stage. With the invention of moving pictures people could go to the cinema and watch a pre-recorded performance… a movie. This changed things in many important ways. Now many people could watch the same performance without being required to be in geographical proximity to its origin. Also, the movie crew could be exacting in what would be seen in the movie by making sure every scene is perfect through multiple takes, edits and etc. Further, movie makers could do far more in a movie than is possible in a live performance through the use of an amazing array of special effects. It is common in movies for events to occur that could never happen on the stage.

Similarly, Michael’s music is a collection of musical events that could not be produced in a live performance. They are much too complex. He meticulously produces his work and then publishes it on CDs, DVDs and as MP3s so his performances can be heard anywhere. He also presents his work in the concert hall providing a way to listen to pre-recorded musical material much the same as going to the cinema. The cinema has a larger screen than anyone has in their home and the quality of the images is very high resolution. Michael’s concerts provide an opportunity for people to hear a musical performance, that could not be produced in a live concert, on an audiophile quality sound system… making it truly a…

Cinema for the Ear

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