Beyond Context – 2024

Beyond Context
In the writing of these words context is created, which is the antithesis of their intention. How is one to proceed?

Admonition: Accept no accumulation of experience including the words on this page. Accept no authority… especially in these words. For in the instant we accept the thoughts of anyone, including our selves, we enter into structures and subsequent trappings of belief… thus laying the context upon which our illusory self-view is imagined.

Consider these words and then release them like exhaled air. Likewise, if there is a perceived value… a current stance, drop it like a bad habit and move on. Stances ultimately limit our consciousness in breadth and scope relegating us to mere shadows of our selves.

Accepting superficial contexts… cultural, spiritual, intellectual, psychological, and so on, magnetically binds us to who and what we “think” we are. Human being fights and is willing to die to protect and extend the context upon which projected identities reside. Is this never-ending cycle of humanistic activity truly beneficial? Or is it utterly divisive, violent, and destructive?

Can one stand so completely free of context as to accept no such filtration of perception? Immense human energies are spent toward creating and concretizing contexts from which to act, perceive… to live. Layers upon layers of context are accumulated over time until all is obscured and precluded by their influences.

What is music devoid of title, lyric, and re-cognition?

Consider these words and then abandon them like the past experience they now are.

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