Intellect & The Vibrations – 2006

Intellect the Vibrations is Rhoades’ 12th CD and marks a new level of compositional accomplishment. The central theme of this CD project is the morphology of apparently disparate quanta and the balance and interaction between them. For instance, the piece Strata focuses on the interplay between points or grains of sound and many layers of sound objects. A coincident underlying parallel is the sense of tension and release created between specific decisions in the compositional process and their interaction with multiple layers of the out of time compositional process.

The overall form of the project also belies a morphology that takes place stylistically from the beginning of the CD to the end.

Track One:
I & V - 1st Movement     
Track Two:
I & V - 2nd Movement     
Track Three:
I & V - 3rd Movement     
Track Four:
I & V - 4th Movement     
Track Five:
Strata - 1st Movement     
Track Six:
Strata - 2nd Movement     
Track Seven:
Strata - 3rd Movement     
Track Eight:
Strata - 4th Movement     
Track Nine:
The 2nd Law     
Track Ten:
Track Eleven:
A New Door     

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