Dream Travels and the 18th Rule – 2004

Composed between January of 2004 and September of 2004, Dream Travels and the 18th Rule, features nearly one hour of algorithmically generated Electroacoustic Music. The scores for each piece on this CD were derived in part from a graphic representation of a cellular automaton, which was a predetermined constraint that made up the static portion of the score. The dynamic portion was derived from data generated by stochastic methods involving mathematical tendency masks. Csound, Cmask, Mathematica and Excel were the primary tools employed to accomplish this combination of approaches to algorithmic composition. The results are a quite unusual and may seem somewhat alien at first. However, subsequent listening reveals a unique and, to some, a quite appealing compositional style.

Track One:
Falling Through The Layers Into Time     
Track Two:
The 18th Rule - 1st Movement     
Track Three:
The 18th Rule - 2nd Movement     
Track Four:
The 18th Rule - 3rd Movement     
Track Five:

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