Anaphasics – 2007


Anaphasics is a collection of gradually evolving works. One of Rhoades’ initial premises for the project was to slow the tempi of the compositions thus allowing the listener more of an opportunity to hear each musical event unfold. However, it quickly became obvious to him that it was not a simplification, as was initially expected, but instead exposed a previously obscured level of complexity. A greatly extended range of diversity and contrast with regard to the pacing of each piece opened exciting new vistas of compositional possibility. Combined with previously expanded ranges of contrast in the areas of spatial, spectral and frequency relationships, it provided an exponentially enriching compositional experience and provided the next step in Rhoades’ constantly evolving and expanding compositional process.

The title Anaphasics denotes waveforms that are out of temporal and spatial alignment with one another thus alluding to multiple dimensions. Discoveries and speculations in quantum physics support the notion that multiple, enfolded dimensions of time and space exist. In fact, this perspective is quickly becoming our current understanding of reality. Non-linearity in time and space is difficult to imagine due to countless generations of human conditioning. We unquestioningly experience a single universe from an ironclad linear perspective. Yet, this is proving to be a myopic and antiquated view. If one could for a moment imagine existing in a non-linear multiverse, time and space become pliable instead of static as we presently imagine them. Existing within such a paradigm, our experience in a multiverse would be a diametrically different dream.The earth is not flat. Time is not sequential. Space is not contiguous. Ultimately, perhaps, our entire experience in this world of form will be perceived as being wholly illusory.

Track One:
Dimension Alpha     
Track Two:
Temporal Playground     
Track Three:
Anaphasics - 1st Mvmt     
Track Four:
Anaphasics - 2nd Mvmt     
Track Five:
Anaphasics - 3rd Mvmt     
Track Six:
Track Seven:

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