2013 – Songs From My Future Self


Silence stops time and puts emphasis on the infinite
Time and space are created in our minds
They are ideas we constantly exchange
We value these thoughts above all else
Through them we imagine an entire universe
The universe is harsh

Thoughts are both limited and limiting
Based upon memory they create only conflict
Silence is the cessation of the activity that creates them
This is the burgeoning of true intelligence
An intelligent mind sees infinitely
Infinity is radiantly beautiful

I remember being a three year old in church
The people sang and seemed so serious
The preacher rallied everyone in unison
My grandmother gave me gum to chew
Even then I wondered why they did it
I wonder still today

I was sick one summer
No remedies seemed to help
The people of the church gathered round
Praying, they asked for release
The suffering they felt to see my pain
was more than they could bear

Where two or more are gathered for a reason
The reason becomes the belief of the moment
When belief is tied to season
A holiday to celebrate is born
Still I wonder why they do it
How do they believe so well

We can think anything we want
We can believe anything we think
We call it real

All suffering is caused by desire
Change is the only constant
The time between when a change occurs
and when we accept it is suffering
Pain is not the same as suffering
Suffering is a reaction to pain

Wanting can be a constant companion
We cannot have it all
There is always something more
We are satisfied when we get it
Soon after we want something new
Desire can be a recurring nightmare
You say you want a certain object
I say “yes you do”

Wanting blinds us to having
When we want a certain thing
We see everything in relation to that desire
How can I gain by the current situation
In this we miss all that we experience
We may truly love that which we have
Much more than what we want
Setting aside desire we no longer suffer

Answers are being given
We see light beyond illusion
How can we be of service
Each within their sphere of influence
We lead by example
Every thing is a result of state of mind
What happens within occurs without

A silent mind acts free of volition
In this there is great power
All acts from this position are true
The greatest gift we have is love
We do not give all that is wanted
We give what we are able
In this is true compassion

Fear is always in anticipation of something
Guilt is always in regret of the past
Fear is a future projection, Guilt a past projection
Guilt and fear are both imagined and believed
Cunning distractions from the here now
Cunning attachments to an illusion

Guilt and fear tie us to a single perspective
What are the counter measures
Can I see this situation in a different way
When guilt and fear appear as anxiety
We know the feelings are baseless
Hold on when things look so dark
Do not let fear decide
Help is on the way
Tomorrow is a new day
Change is constant this too will pass

Guilt and fear like suffering and desire
Are derived from a thought contrived self
This self will suffer no limit to maintain its grip
In its passing is the only possible death
We suffer not those who believe so completely
Even when they are me

Ego Me
We create our own reality
Yet the world can be so ugly
Oh there is enough beauty and light to hold us
The jailer feeds his prisoner
Without the prisoner the jailer is naught
The tiger measures every inch of his cage
We decorate our lives as we step into the night
We imagine a god who would create such a world
We fear the devils we have become
The tiger roars in desperation
The devils dance their days in fright
Tigers and devils dream of flight

We are powerful creators
We make what we imagine true
As unworthy beings deserving punishment
We see everything in relation to what we believe
An ugly world for an ugly boy
We cling to the devil we made of ourselves
We run in all haste from what we truly are
Yet pure and perfect beings of light and love
We see the folly and await awaking
We are asleep dreaming a dream within a dream
Casting shadows where none could be
Loose the lunatic and spoil the rod
Across our eyes is drawn a veil
On it we live our wildest fantasies
Witness the release of hate denied
See the veil melt away
Omnipotent light beyond

A cloud of smoke occludes the day
Mirrors provide distorted dimension
Our vision is derived from fear
Division from the veil
It seems to be so solid and real
Yet would fall away like a new brides tear

The fallen child arises
Awakened from illusion
In truth there is no persuasion
In light there is truth in vision
Accept silence free the me
Bars of the cage dissolve

The eagle flies
The tiger laughs
The little boy smiles
The being of light ascends
As we forgive the dream never real
Never real

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