2015 – Quotes With Drilldowns


This section of the web site is dedicated to philosophical considerations. Many of the topics and subsequent explanations stem from discussions between Michael and his close friend, Jeff Dillon.

Each topic begins with a simple quote. Jeff and Michael feel there is great power in a short, succinct and evocative statement. If you are satisfied with what you take away from it… great. However, if it piques your interest and you would like to delve deeper, simply click on the “more” button and there you will find a second level of detail. For some quotes there will be additional levels of depth as well.

Do yourself a favor… slow down for a moment… read the quote slowly and let it be absorbed before delving deeper. Allow it to bring thoughts, ideas, questions or even silence to your mind. There is no need to hurry, we are not going anywhere. It is much better to confront one completely than to rush through them.

Jeff and Michael hope you enjoy the perspectives herein presented. As always, please send us your comments and insights.

 Questions are more important than answers.

 Forgiveness is not “You have done something wrong and I have decided to not care about it any more.”
 There is no box!
 We can be created by the world or we can create the world.
 Fear is a set of thoughts we have become emotionally attached to.
 The present is a gift.
 To fear is to avoid.
 Knowledge is a poor substitute for awareness.
 A quiet mind is a creative mind.
 Let go of fear.
 Knowledge is not the pinnacle of human achievement. It is instead a tool to be used by consciousness, which is.
 Questions are Answers.
To know God is to listen.
The pendulum swings both ways.
Each thought is a single perspective.
There are as many pluses as minuses in every situation.
We may be having fun and do not even realize it.
Love what you hate.
Begin with optimism.
Waste not / Want not
We are beings of light.
Belief is signpost worship.
The time between change and acceptance is pain.
In order to be happy anywhere one must be happy everywhere.
Wanting blinds us to having.
Being ill is good for you.
If you can handle the ‘nos’…the ‘yeses’ will come.
All thought/concept/form/judgement offers no intrinsic value.
Thick as a Brick
Human beings are very similar to icebergs.
Silence stops time and puts emphasis on the infinite.
Fear of the unknown is a result of an overwhelming number of possibilities as opposed to the known (after diving into the abyss) which limits those possibilities to a far smaller (more manageable) number of possibilities.
You can’t read the label from inside the bottle.
Loosen your grip on your current perspective… there are other possibilities.
We learn through correction not perfection.

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