2011 – Conscious Unconsciousness


As I advance in years certain ideas have been congealing and coalescing… ideas which seem to need to come to consciousness. They cannot be considered to be complete since they are ideas. Understanding the whole of life is in itself a paradoxical notion since we clearly do not hold enough data to arrive at such conclusions and if we did life it self changes so quickly that it would be outdated before we could state it.

As humanity evolves certain perspectives that have never before been present in our consciousness are beginning to pervade it. Ideas, for example, that a particle can spin two ways at the same time or that two particles could be entangled regardless of the distance between them or that time and space are inseparable sides of the same coin… or that we could live our lives from a state of conscious unconsciousness all seem to defy common sense and yet serve to exemplify the paradoxical nature of our existence. The realization that two disparate ideas can co-exist and yet be correct seems to be of paramount importance as we move into the future.

Wise beings have been showing us that in order to move beyond the ego driven lives that have served our species well in the past, acting as a mechanism for survival, we must let go of inward struggle. The very act of wanting to quiet our minds, of working to accomplish it, is in itself continuing the struggle. And so at a given moment we simply stop it all knowing that to continue it is to continue pain and suffering. Yet, in my humble experience, it seems that these wise men had to come to such an understanding through the very struggle they are choosing to end.

When an artist learns to paint, he first learns of the relationship of colors and shapes, hues and shading… shadows and light… this might be learned through formal education or simply by observing and implementing it into action. Yet, as this painter advances in experience he begins to see that employing the techniques he has mastered does not a beautiful painting make. Instead it is the cessation of technique that brings out the creativity within.

To such a painter, it might seem that letting go of intention was the answer all along and that technique is not required in order to paint a beautiful work of art. To some extent this is correct and yet it is not the whole picture either… another example of the paradoxical nature of our lives. If he teaches his students that the ceasing of intent is the way to beauty he is creating students with no idea of why… clones.

So it seems to me that only by traversing the road can one ascend into the heavens. The mind learns through experience that learning is not required when it comes to freeing oneself and so gladly gives up its controlling ways in lieu of a higher order. So the wise beings are both correct and incorrect… Only through conscious unconsciousness can we transcend our selves.

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