Kinetic Relationships in Visual Music Composition – Page 7

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Contrapuntal / Interactive

Counterpoint, is a very interesting interaction that provides for excellent formal material. Take a moment and think about it. How would you describe counterpoint? Musically speaking, counterpoint could be described as two or more, perhaps related and yet different, melodies occurring in the same time frame. Generally, two people living in the same house, living two separate yet congruent lives, could be considered to be living in counterpoint with each other.

JS Bach was, in many ways, the quintessential master of counterpoint. For example, his “Continuo” bass line in his fugues often acted in counterpoint to the rest of the improvised compositional elements. Often in his work, two or more melodic lines were played simultaneously achieving a tight contrapuntal interaction.

In the following example, we are interested in observing that the audio and visual act in a contrapuntal manner… there are separate lines of interaction yet each occur in relatively the same time frame. They are complimentary and yet they do not occur in sync with regard to timing. Nonetheless, the timing of each is clearly taking place in relation to the overall phrasing.

Example 6

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