Echoes and Reflections – 2014

Dear listener,

Echoes and Reflections is a bit of a personal milestone in that it is the 20th published project to date. Not that twenty or any other specific integer has any real significance, but it is perhaps nonetheless a good point at which to stop for a moment and assess.

Each of the previous nineteen projects, as well as this one, consists of certain commonalities that could be noted. For instance, each was composed using Csound, which is a programming language meant for musical expression and each was derived from computer driven algorithmic processes. But these are the superficial aspects of the process. More importantly, each project was a result of a journey that began perhaps eons ago… a journey that involves letting go of what is commonly thought of as the human perspective and moving into what might be described as infinite being… moving from manifestation toward source…

The creative expression of this exploration is born of a steadfast cultivation of an inner silence that leads ever deeper and further into fathomless discovery. No words have been found that could express these experiences. The music that is a result of this journey is the closest approximation imaginable, which accounts for its apparently abstract quality.

Generative algorithms are implemented to realize these creative expressions because they have been found to be quite effective at enabling the removal of conscious volition from the process. By setting these computational models into motion, the compositional processes are guided indirectly while the focus is upon moving and experiencing as the journey directs. For it has become apparent that the thinker within each of us is a force to be reckoned with. It is only when this thinker becomes cognizant of the fact that it is a limiting factor in consciousness, and so releases its control over our decision-making, that true intelligence is possible. Such are the conditions determined to be conducive to the journeys and to facilitating creations as reflections of them.

As the mind is increasingly freed by allowing this silence to guide, the creative expressions are increasingly refined and expanded. This leads to clearer journeys thus catalyzing an ever-expanding conscious awareness. So the process becomes one of circular expansion in highly active, ever broadening and ever deepening pathways.

One benefit of focusing upon the creative expression of such a journey is that it acts as an anchor providing impetus for subsequent return from it. For as wonderful as this life can be it does not hold a candle to the indescribable bliss of motion toward source. In order to return to this mortal coil, a motive is required; here the motive is the creative expression of the journey. Often, after a prolonged experience, returning to everyday life can be repulsive and painful to say the least. So as might be extrapolated, creative expression makes it possible to maintain, an approximation of, a grip on the human experience… without which it would be in danger of being lost entirely.

So the past many years of creating these musical expressions have been extremely rewarding and simultaneously challenging and enriching. It is a sincere intention that they in some way connect the listener to the journey undertaken… that they touch the infinite within. We all require constant reminders of who we are as infinite beings in an ever-expanding multiverse. These reminders are all around us all of the time if there are eyes to see them… ears to hear them. Some are subtle and some are overt but they are omnipresent. One’s life as a human being is extremely enhanced by a consistent and yet expanding awareness of source and as such this body of creative work is meant to be a humble contribution toward that end. In essence… it is all there is to offer.

With extreme gratitude for continued listening, dear friend,


Track 1:
Sidereal Sonata     
Track 2:
Parallax View     
Track 3:
Track 4:
Hot Jupiter     
Track 5:
Echoes and Reflections     
Download a pdf of the CD/DVD booklet here.

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