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VI. Final Mixing

When all the samples were created, the last step was to import them into a multi-track editor/recording software for final assembly. At first this seemed like an overwhelming task but due to the planning in the beginning, this went very smoothly. The samples were lined up so that Group 1 samples were for the 1st movement, Group 2 the 2nd and so on. They were sequenced in the order in which they were generated and little else was required other than to align them properly and then edit. Sometimes they were overlapped to varying degrees and other times there were breaks between them. Some samples were eliminated and some were duplicated. Some were truncated and some stretched. The base samples and several of the Step 1 samples were used here and there as accents or compliments to what was occurring. There were also a few serendipitous “mistakes” that were made during the sample generation process that were desirable and so they were kept and ultimately fitted into position as well.

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