Antitheses – 2020

Dear listener,

Antitheses is a collection of compositions that form the audio aspects of seven visual music compositions. They are intended to be experienced in a VR theater containing a high-density loudspeaker array and either head-mounted displays or a proprietary 3D/360 stereoscopic projection system. Here, the 3d/360, 32-channel musical aspects of the compositions have been extracted from the videos and mixed down to stereo.

This project is the result of my interdisciplinary doctoral research and creative praxis in the areas of creating holographic/holophonic visual music compositions produced by super-computing clusters. As such it forms the dissertation, the artifact, that is the culmination of two and one half years of work. To learn more about this endeavor, point your browser here. To experience 2D versions of the visual music compositions, visit here.

With gratitude for your interest,


Track 1:
Twisted Chambers     
Track 2:
his Dancers Three     
Track 3:
Shards of Oil     
Track 4:
Petal and Branch     
Track 5:
Inside the Crimson Castle     
Track 6:
Bending Glass Walls     
Track 7:

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