Amber Orbs in a White Infinity – 2014


Amber Orbs in a White Infinity

strands of burning white light
extending in all dimension
in all direction
infinite being
beyond all knowing
unbounded strands of living light
ever oscillating cosmic dance
undulating indescribable relationship
ebb and flow of eternity
joyously creating universes in which to play
though eons fade away in the slightest twitch
substance imagined
as if reality did not exist
lifetimes played out
dramas unfold
ever leading onward
consciousness within the dream
ecstasy in such moment
as all is revealed
light abounds
immense golden web
thin line between
imaginings and infinity
comical little lives (lies)
and infinite being(s)

Amber Orbs in a White Infinity
Track 1:
The Whispering     
Track 2:
Amber Orbs     
Track 3:
White Infinity     
Beyond the White
Track 4:
Level 4     
Track 5:
Level 7     
Track 6:
Level 10     
Track 7:
No Mind     
Download a pdf of the CD/DVD booklet here.
Click here to read a virtual interview with Michael about the Amber Orbs in a White Infinity project.

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