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V. Score Manipulation

 Final score manipulation was accomplished with the use of a spreadsheet program. After the sub-score had produced an accepted score, there were times when it was desirable to further manipulate it. The score file was then opened as a tab delimited file in a spreadsheet program and the data massaged into the ideal form. The reason for the use of a spreadsheet for this is that data can not only be edited in horizontal rows as with any text editor, but also in vertical rows. This allows the composer to transpose sections of concurrent pfields with ease. Another benefit is that a formula can be easily applied to a set of cells to aid in this transposition. One example of this is retrogression of events in a given score to produce another score, thus playing events in reverse order. Also, if there happened to be one area of the score that was especially attractive, the data could be analyzed and then emphasized to extend these areas to generate more of the desirable results.    

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