For this assignment we were instructed to remember a life changing experience and then come up with an non-objective artwork inspired by it. We were also to create a constraint we would adhere to while producing the object. Lastly we chose the medium we would be working with.
My life changing experience was from many years ago when I underwent an intense period of ingesting (non-addictive) psychotropic substances. Rather than for recreational use, as was common in the mid to late 70’s, I was interested in ingesting them as a catalyst for the expansion of consciousness. During that time, I was determined to continue with them until I could achieve the state of mind afforded them without ingesting the substance.
So, the constraints I created for the assignment were to create one or more paintings, inspired by those experiences, while in the state of mind that was acquired by their use. Below are the three works I created as a response to the assignment:
Psychedelic Tarp – For the first piece, I applied phosphorescent spray paint to an 8′ x 10′ tarp. The work was acceptable however, the paint peeled off the tarp as soon as it was moved and so all that remains of it is the photograph below… a “chalk mark in a rainstorm” of sorts…

Psychedelica_0013 and _0014 – The second and third pieces are oil paintings, on 20″ x 16″ canvases, created using a pallet knife. The colors are especially reminiscent of those extremely powerful experiences.

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