This section of the web site is dedicated to Michael’s paintings. Follow the links under the “Oil Paintings” dropdown menu above to view photographs of many of them. They have been partitioned off into groups based upon thematic project names or relative time frames of their completion.

Typically, Michael loves to create large scale images feeling they have the greater impact. The hope is that the viewer is drawn into the work as if diving into it. He uses oil paint on canvas and most often opts for using a pallet knives as opposed to brushes to apply the paint. Conversely he also creates computer generated images. Whether painted or digitally created, most of the images come from his mind instead of being actual places. The focus is more upon color relationships and texture and less on shape and dimensional relationships.

One question Michael would love to be able to ask each viewer as they are viewing his work is “Where are you in the painting?” He also feels that each work should ask questions of the viewer although the question may be quite non-verbal. Frank Zappa is quoted to have said “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.” Art is not a verbal exchange denoted by descriptors. It is a non-verbal experience… As always please feel free to comment on Michael’s work by leaving a message for the him on the Contact page.

Thank you for visiting!!

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