Composition Zeta – 2002

Csound, a programming language written for the composition of music, was the main compositional tool utilized in it’s creation. Some areas were composed utilizing algorithmic compositional techniques and the program Cmask. These elements were combined with a well known digital audio workstation software to mix the final result. For more information on the technical aspects of the composition of Section Three you can go here to read an in depth article, complete with the Csound score and orchestra files. You can also download a copy of the article in .pdf format.

You may notice I have not mentioned the underlying intent of the music. This is because I have found that each person who hears the work comes away with an entirely unique perception of it and I don’t want to bias the potential listener with my own. I hope you will enjoy listening to “Composition Zeta” as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. As always your comments are requested.

Michael Rhoades 04.10.2002

Track One:
Composition Zeta - Section One     
Track Two:
Composition Zeta - Section Two     
Track Three:
Composition Zeta - Section Three     

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