Composed in the months of June, July and August of 2003, Azimuth is a single 55 minute long composition, comprised of four movements. Technically it was developed by the use of extensive algorithmic score synthesis techniques, whereby a single Cmask sub-score was modulated in a linear fashion, by the composer, to create the various sections of the work. An azimuth is the direction an object is heading, from a starting point in relation to a certain point of reference.

Azimuth is not a simple listen. It may require being heard many times before the listener begins grasp its concepts. Some feel, however, it is worth the investment, similar to what one might make in reading a very long novel.

Track One:
Azimuth - 1st Movement     
Track Two:
Azimuth - 2nd Movement     
Track Three:
Azimuth - 3rd Movement     
Track Four:
Azimuth - 4th Movement     

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