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The Score

Figure 7. An excerpt from a score file.

To create the score, I had to first scale the data into a range usable by the Csound instrument. By this I mean that I had to mathematically manipulate the data in a way that maintained proportionately equivalent relationships but at the same time fell within a range useable by the instrument parameters. Eight of the 19 pfields, marked in yellow here, were stipulated by the LHC data. The other 11 pfields were determined by an application called Cmask using tendency masks. Cmask, for those who do not know, is a stochastic event generator for Csound scores. Below is an example of the Cmask code or sub-score. In it you will see several areas in the code that stipulate “const 1.” Those were dummy pfields. They were the ones that were represented by the LHC data and those columns were eliminated when the results of the sub-score were merged with the LHC data.

Figure 8. An example of a cmask sub-score.

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