Kinetic Relationships in Visual Music Composition – Page 9

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Energy / Intensity

How might we describe the attributes of energy or intensity of a visual music phrase or set of phrases? We might describe them as brightness verses darkness, force verses release, power verses weakness, or strength verses gentleness. It is difficult to describe beyond alluding to it yet we know it when we experience it.

In the following example, notice how the intensity shifts as the scene changes at about half way through. Both the auditory and the visual reflect the intensity of each section. The first may be interpreted as “powerful driving” the second as “gentle undulations”.

Let’s see if you agree.

Example 8

Does it work here? Is it obvious? This type of audio/visual unification can be used to amplify the effects of intensity in a scene. As seen here it can emphasize a shift in intensity. As can be witnessed in this example, it causes a feeling of tension and release.

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