Kinetic Relationships in Visual Music Composition – Page 11

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Speed – Rate of Compositional Progression

What is intended by the rate of compositional change? One example comes from traditional musical terminology, which is that of accelerando and decelerando. These terms designate a predominately linear increase or decrease, generally in phrasing, over time. Similarly, the terms crescendo and decrescendo designate a predominately linear increase or decrease in amplitude over time. Another feature of rate of compositional progression is in the realm of static verses dynamic (audio or visual objects moving or sitting still).

Kinetic relationships between these types of rates of change between audio and visual elements can occur in sync or in inverse relationships. It can be quite subtle or overt. In the following example, notice the end of the clip where the speed of the visual decreases and the audio increases. It is perhaps subtle but watch and listen carefully.

Example 10

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