Janet and Michael in VA

Hi Everyone,

Here is our new contact info:
203 Oak Creek Lane
Pilot, VA 24138

Home Phone:

Below are some photos of our new house. It is just a manufactured home but it is comfortable, clean and affordable… it meets our needs. Since we are so far away we wanted to give you the two penny tour that you will get when you come to visit. We have a guest room and are looking forward to having you here.

It is difficult to get a sense of scale from the photos but they will at least give you an idea of where we are. The air is fresh and clean… we are at about 2000 feet above sea level.


Turning in off “Old Pike Road”.


Up the lane.

Our house in the distance.

Valley along the way.

Still on the lane. Its about 1/2 mile long.

Turning around.

Two shadows getting closer.

To the east.

To the north.

Circle Drive.

Home sweet home.


Front Door.

Living Room.

Dining Room.


The hall to the Master Bedroom.

Master Bedroom.

Master Bath.

Looking into the Bonus Room.

The Bonus Room.

From the door to the Guest Room.

Guest Room.

Guest Bath.

Sound and Vision Studio.

Laundry Room and Back door.

Shed/Painting Studio and hummingbird feeder.

From back porch looking to the south..

Straight back.

Back of house.

Around to the front.

Our friends.

More of the view.

That’s it…. Miss you!!

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