Hadronized Spectra – 2013

“Hadronized Spectra (The LHC Sonifications)” was completed in January of 2013, nearly two years after its inception. Every composition was derived directly from data generated by collision events provided by physicists working with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider in CERN. Each piece is stylistically unique being based upon a set of sound samples ranging from orchestral to vocal/choral to purely synthesized and upon musical forms as diverse as quasi-symphonic structures to ambient minimalist approaches. As such, this project offers one of the most contrasting sonic pallets of any of Michael’s work to date.

This “Cinema for the Ear” project is available in three forms. First, the pieces were composed using programs Michael wrote for Csound that rendered them as 4.1 surround works. The DVDs provide a way for you to listen to the pieces as they were originally intended… as such they offer an intense spatial experience. These DVDs can be played on any surround system including home theaters. If you do not own or have access to a surround system or home theater, stereo CDs are also available. For them each piece has been mixed down to stereo to provide a rich CD listening experience. As a final option one may prefer to listen to the entire project represented as full-resolution stereo .wav files on this page.
Read the Liner Notes for a more in depth description of the making of Hadronized Spectra.
* The beautiful images for this project were provided by Sylvia Pengilly.

Track One:
Emergence - In Three Movements     
Track Two:
Deep Inelastic Scattering     
Track Three:
Track Four:
Track Five:
Perturbative Expansion - In Three Movements     

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