Composing from a contemporary Musique Concrète perspective augmented by various score synthesis techniques, Michael Rhoades elicits musical events from generative algorithms and an ever-expanding Csound sample playback instrument. Numerical representations of aural quanta are mixed and blended into formal elements via a variety of catalysts such as tendency masks, mathematical equations, sonifications, cellular automata, score based sampling and other paradigms in an unbending quest for emergent quanta.

Michael is honored to have served as a SEAMUS board member and hosted SEAMUS 2009. He curated the monthly Sweetwater Electroacoustic Music Concert Series and numerous other concerts, exhibits and installations. His works have been presented in concert worldwide as well as used for pedagogical purposes. He is a published writer and also gives lectures on the subjects of Algorithmic Composition, Score Based Sampling, Sonification, Spatialization and Creativity.

Michael is currently a Visual Arts student at Virginia Tech in SOVA program. He is also conducting ongoing personal research in the areas of Holography, Holophony, Algorithmic Composition, and Super Computing.

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