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IV. Evolution of the Sub-score

Some mention of the approach utilized in manipulating the sub-scores is pertinent. An initial sub-score was utilized to generate the first sample in Step 1, Mix 0, Sample 1011. This sub-score was compiled, modified and recompiled, with consideration given to the density factor designated for it in the notes section of the Schema, until it started yielding desirable results. When the final version of the sample had been produced, the sub-score that generated it was the starting point to create the next sample, 1012. It was manipulated and massaged until it yielded desirable results. This process continued through Group 1 to the first sample of Group 2 and so forth through all the samples in Step 1. This progression continued for rendering the samples in Step 2 as well, although the score required additional pfields, due to the expanded orchestra, which had to be integrated into the sub-score. This procedure engendered a linear progression of sample development and provided a cohesive structural element for the overall form of the piece. 

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