Post 9 – Financially Based Exclusion

Inclusion is a hot topic and buzzword in today’s university. It is most often associated with race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, and etc. Each of these is valid and each requires attention. However, I feel that perhaps the most disturbing exclusion that takes place is based upon financial status. In our society the wealthy continue to become wealthier and the poor continue to become poorer. In large part this is due to lack of educational opportunities for the latter. There are many brilliant potential students that, by an accident of birth, will never get to realize their potential due to the financial status of their families.

I feel that to allow this to occur is an extremely myopic perspective and it needs to change. It is myopic in that we are excluding a diverse and powerful influence on the evolution of the human race based upon financial status. As a society we are denying an influence that could greatly benefit us all. We are also creating a gap between people that is becoming more and more difficult to bridge causing further division in a world that desperately needs unity.

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