Post 8 – Inter-University Degrees

The Massively Open Online Course (MOOC), appears to be becoming progressively prevalent and undoubtedly will continue to do so. This is a phenomenal development in higher education. The MOOC offers a chance for students located nearly anywhere in the world to attend and learn from our higher education institutions. 

I would like to engage the imagination to extend the current function of MOOCs to a perhaps idealistic level of implementation. This exercise is, I feel, worthwhile because it is often the most unrealistic ideas that forge the road of progress. So let’s proceed.

In the contemporary university scene there are a wide variety of experts in a wide variety of fields scattered across the globe. Often a wise student will chose a university based upon the faculty and facilities present in their field of passion and interest. On the other hand we are realizing that no particular field of study and research exists in isolation. So a university that excels in a particular area may be less developed in an interconnected area.

What if a student could physically attend a university that provides the perfect base in which to focus their work and could simultaneously attend classes at other universities that excel in supporting areas that are interconnected with their work? And what if the credits earned in the latter could directly and transparently apply to their degree in the former? I feel that MOOCs afford this opportunity. This would allow a university student to intensely focus the intent of their work by gaining education from multiple universities. I would view this as a quantum leap in the higher education process.

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