Michael Rhoades composes music from a contemporary Musique Concréte perspective augmented by various score synthesis techniques. He elicits musical events from generative algorithms and an ever-expanding Csound sample playback instrument. Numerical representations of aural quanta are mixed and blended into formal elements using varied catalysts such as tendency masks, mathematical equations, sonifications, cellular automata, score based sampling and others in an unending quest for emergent quanta. Main compositional tools include Csound, Cmask, Mathematica, Excel, MetaSynth, AbSynth, Sonar and Sound Forge. He recently published his 21st CD/DVD titled “Amber Orbs in a White Infinity.”

Michael is honored to have served as the SEAMUS webmaster and board member. He hosted the 2009 SEAMUS National Conference at Sweetwater and was the curator of the monthly Sweetwater Electroacoustic Music Concert Series. His works have been performed world wide in concerts, festivals and used in pedagogical applications. He has presented many lectures throughout the US and Canada.

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