Post 10 – University Education: Ego VS Openness

Higher education should be considered an important requirement in every person’s continued development. This education could be derived from colleges and universities, from trade schools, from apprenticeships, on the job training, or perhaps from the self-study of the autodidact. A university education is one of many excellent pathways depending upon… Continue reading

Post 7 – Dialectical VS Logical Thinking

Today’s university is quite accomplished at producing qualitative and quantitative researchers. This serves a necessary function and cannot be underestimated. These theoretically based programs are the building blocks for much progress in the development of the human experience. However, there are many brilliant people who simply do not think in… Continue reading

Blog 4 – Tech & Innovation in Higher Ed

For the Preparing Future Professoriate 5104 course at Virginia Tech we were assigned the task of finding an infographic or article about how faculty (higher education) are using and/or reacting to social media, MOOCs, and/or other “disruptive” technologies. My reference, an article in EducauseReview, is primarily concerned with the implementation… Continue reading

Blog 1 – Mission Statements

IU Mission Statement:Bloomington is the flagship residential, doctoral-extensive campus of Indiana University. Its mission is to create, disseminate, preserve, and apply knowledge. It does so through its commitments to cutting-edge research, scholarship, arts, and creative activity; to challenging and inspired undergraduate, graduate, professional, and lifelong education; to culturally diverse and… Continue reading