Blog 6 – The Interdisciplinary University

In the contemporary university, we are beginning to recognize the benefit to a holistic approach to education. The university often seems focused upon creating specialists that live in isolation as to the effects of their work beyond it. This is understandable since it is considered a positive to produce experts. Yet, it is beneficial for these experts to realize the interconnectedness of all things and to realize that their work has implications in other areas. Other disciplines are usually required to make any given vein of research possible. An example would be the medical profession. Any doctor will need to be an expert in their particular area. Yet, often to be successful a doctor needs to interface intensely with computers or imagining systems. So learning about them will greatly enhance their abilities as a physician. By knowing the capabilities of these imaging systems and having a basic understanding of the computing required to run them a physician can better target a diagnostic approach to a given malady. This is a simplistic example of the interconnectedness of all areas of study. And yet it serves to demonstrate that a broad education that clearly includes the directly connected influences upon a researcher’s work is greatly beneficial.

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